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Mutual GNU / Linux

Translating Bash Script to Windows and Mac

Hm, with WinRAR under Windows it is something like...
REM Ryzom files backup script
echo off

REM Settings
set LEVEL="5"

REM Execution
echo "Starting backup commands..."
"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" a -ag -m%LEVEL% %DST%\ryzom_backup-.rar %SRC%

REM Done
echo "Done!"
echo on
Please note I didn't test the script, it is just a draft. I had to write a backup script some time ago (that's why WinRAR but it is similar with any compress tool having command line options). But I am not any Windows user. Also no idea where user files for Ryzom client are stored, I would guess in users home directory somewhere (I am sure you can find this information here on forum :)).
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