Rift Walkers

We are active and recruiting :)

If you are interested in an exciting life in the beautiful Yrkanis, and think Karavan are the Cool Guys -- we may be just the right group for you. We are looking for people of all experience levels, from the newcomer learning where's the pointy end of the dagger, to the veteran looking to bomb a pack of kinchers just for the heck of it (true story). Getting levels is easy, finding the right people not so much.

Whether your cup of tea is hunting for bosses, grinding levels or just digging in peace, we've got you covered. We don't promise an easy & cozy life on Atys, that would be just silly. We don't coddle our members, but we do try out best to help them carve their own path -- with gear, trekking groups, hunting groups, or just sharing knowledge.

To contact us, just grab the first Walker you see and talk away. Or... contact our most active players:
  • Leader: Siela
  • High Officers: Arturia, Gidget, Zeezee
  • Officers: Hinokee, Laoviel


My home is always sweet Yrkanis..
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