Les petits craft - small craft

It would be great to include a tailor shop or market within Silan for easy access by the newcomers.

I remem', when I was young (on Silan), that gentle homins came on Silan to give us gifts :p

Therefore, I think it would be a great idea to

1. go on Silan on regular basis (for ex every spring - Winderly or Germinally ?), to ask on homins there what they need (if lazy, let's use this public forum, and post an URL on uni regulary),

2. post the requested stuffs somewhere here (that all young and low levels on continents can read, and ask)

3. then (organize, as it could be a way of presenting our/some Guilds, by the way ?)

4. go there to give "free medium" (or low price but nice) stuffs

Who would help ?

Note: I translated&resumed Trytrytry's post in french.



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