Tribes - Wandering Units and Fame

Hello Atys, I have finally taken the big-boy steps into Void and I had not encountered this until now (and after this experience, not sure how I managed this long without the following happening).

I spent almost my entire gameplay in the Jungle and I had decided to trek from Zora through Haven of Purity to Void, where I encountered a roaming tribe unit from Masters of the Goo. Since they did not attack me, I figured that I was safe. So, the next time I ran through Demon's Crossroad Outpost (Kincher's in-toe), I ran to the tribal area and as soon as I was there, they killed me and decided to feed me back to the very Kincher that was chasing me.

My question is, if the wandering tribal units do not attack us, then why would the actual tribe? Should the wandering units not reflect the true nature of fame of the actual tribe?

Anyway, seems odd to me but after all - I am newbie still, maybe this knowledge is acquired over time.

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