How to make PvP Tag more attractive?

I was tagging up 24/7 because in my old guild everybody tagged up. It was fun in a group and it just stayed as habit.

What it really yielded was ganking while digging, ganking while doing nameds/bosses, ganking while trekking, ganking while afking. Sometimes I ended up in a fight where I won, but since the attacker was usually nationalist, with opposing nation -100 fame, I never got any PvP points.

Add up that you cant heal around vortex or TP's like untagged, it's just lots of negative sides with sap crystals as reward. I rather get mah crystals by crafting for others, perhaps adding some RP in the mix of "mysterious marauding crafter that nobody ever sees in cities", appearing when the usual crafters dont have enough craft levels =D

Whenever there is PvP tournaments or similar going on tho, I wont hesitate to join! They are so much fun, 6v6 we had once was one of the coolest memories I've had in Ryzom! Also some SN's have been great fun, whack whack, then dig dig ^^


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