How to make PvP Tag more attractive?

Reading some of the latest threads the following sentences have come to my attention and motivated me to start this topic.
...in the current Ryzom, PvP points has absolutely no.. point :P
... Items aren't interesting / good enough to push people to fight for it...

While I, and surely many others will agree this is currently the case, I would like us all to try and point out what changes do you think would make PvP more attractive. If you have never experienced it, think about what would make you give it a try and post it here. Feel free to post your ideas about "attitude changes" and also "mechanic" changes you would like to see.

Please refrain from commenting how much you hate Pvp unless you're providing your justification and how/what needs to change to change your mind. Keep your posts respectful, constructive and discuss with Niveau. Troll or off topic comments, as well as personal attacks are discouraged, and CSR moderation will be sought after otherwise.

My point of view

I have played many years and enjoyed the different modes of PvP at different points of my Atys life, at countless OP battles, during friendly tag PvP events, tournaments, treks through PvP areas, supernodes... All of which have enriched my player experience and given me very nice memories and shared moments with friends and foes. All of these experiences had in common one that, regardless of whoever was my opponent, the main objective was always to have fun, mutual participation was always clear and respect was always of utmost importance.

Somehow though, the notion of play with X has been replaced by play to disrupt X , that being one of the most important aspects that demotivate Pvp interactions.

Aditionally, current rewards from PvP (PvP points, supremes, robes) are little to nothing compared with those one can receive through PvE game activities, when, in reality, PvP rewards should be Über gear and not easily overcome without effort.

So let me know what you think needs to change, perhaps a solid Idea for Ryzom can come out of this.

Here's a nice memory for you ;)
Elvanae at PvP tournament



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