kwkw :)
yes, I was looking for a team since November '18 :P Finally I've found Thermax and Heernis and we finished it last sunday in 8 hours!

Thanks to Thermax for helping us - despite he was already a Ranger) he stayed with us until the end for whole 8 hours :D

And thanks to Heernis as he had most valuable skillset to complete this mission :)

@Craftjenn as for "trying to speak in English with someone who can't speak English" - I love to break any communication barriers :D would never accept saying "not my language - lets give up and go another way" :P

"Last night, we waited for you, I have tell Valaux but he wasn't there" - thanks for remembering about me :) Now that I'm a Ranger, I have many flags inside - with proper team I can guide You :)

After talking with Craftjenn I understood fully what has happened - it was a little miscommunication between us.
Thank You to all from "Cercle du boss d Almati" who have waited for us the next day :) We have completed it on previous day, but it is very nice gesture from Your side that You've prepared for us :) Thanks!
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