Change to PvP tag

I don't normally write on forums but there's a thing I'd like to bring up here.

To me it has become very clear that the current PvP tag timers encourage ganking. The lunch break length 30 minutes cool down hiding in your apt or in a TP/vortex safe zone gives a perfect opportunity to not take any responsibility for your actions done under the tag and therefore easily causes situations, where PvP tag is used to simply express IRL feelings.

I am one of the perma taggers but I do not run around Atys killing every tagged player I find. Neither do I know anyone who does that.
- I've been chain killed at login 4 times in a row by a player carrying a ranger title. After this he did run and hide for 30 minutes and then untagged and returned to my spot.
- Just a few days ago a player did tag up just to kill a f2p player afking in a safe spot in a city, hid in the apartment and continued playing after the convenient 30 min lunch break.

Someone who would have to live with the tag 24 hours after such actions would quite surely give some actual thought before performing a pointless act like this. Perma tagging or even the 24 hours lasting tag encourages the player to choose his/her actions so that the consequences are possible to deal with. If you choose to kill another player you shouldn't be able to return to the spot shortly after, being untouchable and fully able to joke around in RP or OOC without any consequences. A longer tag cool down would simply give the players more responsibility for their actions and encourage meaningful PvP actions over thoughtless acts of violence or harassment.

The lunch break tag is sadly a very powerful tool for harassing and disrespecting the gameplay of others and because of this I fully support the 24 h yellow tag. We don't need gankers, we need and want meaningful PvP that in the best case scenario is based on RP and includes some talk, emotes or both. On Atys like this the players wouldn't have to be scared of the tag since they could actually affect their own fate if they so desire.


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