How ban people using Megacorp?

Not only does Craftjenn make great gear, she also makes great forum comments.

Regarding the inability to block chat messages by "~" users arriving from sources external to the game, it seems that the same is true today with Rocket Chat.

Disturbing the peace of various chats in-game is not enough for some players. So, they disturb Atys with a megaphone (i.e. Rocket Chat) from a distance which cannot be blocked in-game.

I say, let the Kami deal with it.

Just as when harvesting, the wrath of Kami can be incurred for abusing Atys, the same should be true for chat. Users could have a Kami status bar for their status with Kami. If that status runs too low, the Kami will kill the offending homin with a strike of lightning. This will result in a timed ban from Rocket Chat and in-game public chats. The offending player will incur a full death penalty and receive a courtesy note of explanation from the Kami who killed them.

Good deeds by the offender and compassion, if deserved, from fellow homins should be allowed to alter the offender's Kami status. Up or down-voting by other users of individual comments could be one way of doing this. Down voting comments by players would reduce Kami status while up-voting would increase it. Think of this as care planning for chat. Yet, even without the participation of other homins the Kami will be watching and acting as necessary and with vigilance.

The initial programming logic could be based upon number of characters typed within a given time. Up and down-voting by other players could be added to that logic.

I'm sure the devs could knock this out in about five minutes -thanks to all the subscriptions. ;->
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