Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

ehem: surely you meant to write...: The world (r)evolves ... 8)
You are quite right to protest about the game stagnating if it be dooing that... honestly though, i do not see that being the case. as for the center of the (ryzom) world (Atys) thank goodness i am not it and also not there but elsewhere! I do not think i would stand a chance of surving my very firss toestep onto it, the truth be told ;) 8)

Please do not stagnate this game on my behalf or at all. I really do like this game you know (or not?). No harm meant, no offense taken ;)

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Just im saying, and with reason you will admit, this is a MMORPG ONLINE
The world evoluate without you, because you are not the center of the world.

The same if you log off in the wild, if you log in after a while or a server reboot, you may have aggro on you at connection.

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