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Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

The point being missed by you imho is that one can be underway practically anywhere in Atys and then leave the game for rl time. When one returns then one lands where one was at the last, ie where the character happened to be when the player went offline.

Upon returning to the game, that very place might have become a area of some OP fight (nearby) withuot that having been the case the last time the player was active in the game as the character that be now returning

At the moment of re-entry into active play ingame then comes the unsettling surprise (if nothing gets changed on the proposed OP Battles scheme being discussd) that the player becomes forced to do pvp and or OP battle.

I sincerely hope that a way for the player character to in that case simply immediately leave will be achieved and i believe that then neither the OP battle participants nor the pvp active player characters would be then in any way harmed nor are they then as far as i can see in any danger of spying then getting done by the refugee.
My problem with the matter is the being forced to do pvp and/or OP battle even if for whatever reason one as Player intend not to ever do such. That is my own personal stance, but i can well imagine that at least some othr players harbor similar feelings and intentions here in ryzom. 8/

Yes but no, problem or not a game is a game right?

If there is a zone when you can attack every players, its like that, so you deal with it and you don't go in this zone if you do not want to be involved.

I can understand that it is not your intend, and you don't want to be part of OP, but then again just don't go when the battle is starting, its simple :)

You are free in Ryzom, and you are neutral, you are a peaceful mushroom growing slowly in a cave, all is good, life is good.
Just don't go into OP if you don't want to be involved in it, and let us play with our game mechanics :)
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