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Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Consider the practicality and relative ease of introduction of the two changes i have suggested:
(1) Right of exit then if not Right of passage.

If need be then the devs could make it impossible for refugee toons to re-enter the battle area until after the battle had ceased; as in rl when otherwise trapped civilians flee the combat zones seeking refuge.

Implementing such an escape option need involve no more than allowing the use of tp pacts to immediately leave the area rather than having to choose a side.

(2) Writ of Transit: on through from entry to exit of the place, with absolutely ‚no interaction‘ with the entire area of the combat zone nor with the comabtants being at all possible.

That would, for example, entail the devs making entry into the combat zone impossible except by express combatants or by toons proclaiming in advance their intention to merely transit the land in use by the OP battle.

As for the toons in transit: devs could ensure that no misuse be made of transiting by seeing to it that toons in transit simply cannot view nor even hear the ongoing combat, instead they experience a repulsion away from that immediate area as in the Conflct walls in SE on the guild islands.

To the transitting toons it would seem as if a force field or edge of the world were in the way of progress in the forbidden direction. Sort of a ‚no drive zone‘ as of some inner cities in real life but utterly impenetrable.

The devs could thus assure that no misuse of the transit on through the OP battle containing land be possible. Should be doable (hopes so) and definitely puts an end to the once upon a time 'misuse of neutrality.'
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