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Jena Year 2602 Patch (Patch 3.5.0 - 2019-02-08)

Given that one cannot heal a tagged fighter if you are not tagged for the same side, there never was a chance for "Red Cross of Atys." This is just going to make it irritating when the easiest route from point A to point B runs past an OP that is in contention.

Since you really really really love real life example, then it is the same on a battlefield, you are beautiful as a neutral, gathering mushroom in peace on the battlefield, and hop! you died. damn.

The difference is that I am not forced to wear a uniform of one or other side.

Ok, first lets make it clear. Before the actual battle (if the war is declared), you can still stay neutral (NEUTRAL button is present).

Only when the actual battle is in progress the NEUTRAL button is replaced with RANDOM. In this time you are forced to join one or other side.

By me the problem is that if the battle is running every neutral homin, who enter the area for any reason, has NO WAY how to stay neutral and leave safely the area. Once the window asking you to choose the side occurs, there is no way how you could cancel this. Even leaving the area again in the short countdown will force you to join a side and you will have to be tagged for at least 10 minutes. By me there is also a small bug that may cause you will stay tagged without any countdown, but I need to do more tests for that.
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