Les petits craft - small craft

In fact there are several aspects:
1. Via a public display: all have access, at any time ... remains that the delivery time range can be an issue: if X can not cross Y, how to find Z who will ensure the exchange?
An other issue is language...

OOC, better organize on the forum:
a. so that all (young, free accounts) can contact potential crafters (custom order):
Potential craftmen should register (with some levels or country plans). With some help on "how send an izam", and give his measurements (level max...).
English/German/French issues : would some translators add their name somewhere on this forum?

b. to exchange armor too small, mats exchange ... ditto, delivery time and find the right intermediary is the main brake.

2. The markets: rather places of meeting, where we can organize parades (to show objects, try to sell his red slip lol), flea market, mats exchange...
Easier for translations (less dialogs, more "translators" around).
Todo: choose the time and place to publish. Now, we can even do it on Silan: p

OOC: 2 or 3 craters could take care of it, contact the event team to add it to the schedule.
It could be nice to give appointments in areas 45/50, it would help young people passages: p

What do you think about that ?


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