[Trykers](Player-event) WINDERMEER: 2. Extraordinary assembly

WINDERMEER: 2. Extraordinary assembly
The assembly will be held in common language on Holeth, Germinally 18, 1st AC 2602 (2019-02-03 5:00 pm UTC).

The local government of Windermeer, represented to the public by mayor and Suicide Girls Taliar Nejra Mayuri Arya Korjenic, invites all registered citizens of Aeden Aqueous to participate in a series of discussions concerning the following affairs:

  • Constructions of public interest
Providing the general public and visitors to the Federation with a multitude of attractions and means for recreation.
  • a seaside promenade
  • an amphitheatre with podium for performances and events
  • a botanic reservoir with exhibitions of local flora and fauna

  • Constructions of defensive nature
In light of recent Kitin activities and the ever rising threat by Marauder clans, strengthening the town defenses is of utmost interest as well as required to guard any additions to the towns landscape.
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