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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

One thing I thought of lastnight as I lay sleeping or trying to...
Atys is a PLANET. How on Atys can the entire planet have the same seasonal effects and weather?

I think a revamp to the seasons would be sweet, A relook at the map and determine what is northern and southern hemisphere. Winter north, summer south etc...

Also randomize weather on a per map/area basis. Tho I think that would need some serious work as the map and inscene doesn't update properly yet.

Then base everything in a particular area to it's area season/weather.

If winter make things slower/harder to do but less hp/stam/focus cost.
Summer make things a tad more "comfortable" to do, but cost more hp/stam/focus as one wears out in the heat easy.

The New Lands are only a small patch on the surface of Atys. from the southernmost point of Enchanted Isles to the northernmost point of the Grove of Confusion is only 30 kilometers. The east to west distance is only about 15 km. Given such a small patch of Atys, it is perfectly reasonable to have the weather be very similar over the entire area.

(I calculated a True Map of Atys many years ago and discovered distances. https://forums.ryzom.com/showthread.php?t=34855 I also discovered that the Lakes appear to be on the equator, or at least the "sun" is due east of them.)

Given the fact that the ecosystems are so different, however, it may very well be the case that there are microclimates which, while following the same general changes, could show variations. (e.g. at any one time there might be thunderstorms in the Lakes and Desert, but showers in southern Forest and Cloudy in northern Forest and Jungle.)

It would probably be a total bitch to program, though.

I thought that the weather parameter and the in scene had finally gotten synchronized (they seem that way to me). Is it broken again?

D'après la discussion qu'on avait eu sur le canal lore, les distance indiquées en jeu ne sont pas exactes. Il faut compter en jour de marche. Par exemple, s'il te faut un jour ingame pour aller d'un point A à un point B, alors ça fait une sacré distance si on le rapporte à ce que cela demanderait IRL un jour complet de marche.


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