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Ryzom Forge meeting (January 21st, 2019)

Date: monday, January 21st, 20:30 UTC (21:30 CET)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Team
    • Recruitement
    • Team infos
  • Ryzom Projects:
    • Content of next patch (JA 2602)

Ryzom Forge meeting report - January 21st, 2019

Ryzom news and recruitments

Tamarea (RT) - 19:35 UTC
Welcome to Drecyan, new recruit of the FR Event team, to Zeligmane, back in the same team and to Waum back in the FR Support team!
Now we would have to do the same on the English, German and Spanish sides and that would be perfect.
We also recruit volunteers to join Graphics team (3D and/or 2D), Development team and ARK team. If interested, please send an email to

Q: On the last meeting, you called for volunteers to form a team of scripted OOC Events Launchers. Did you get any answers?
Few answers so far. I hope to receive some more.

Q: In order for candidates to determine if their level of expertise in 2D and 3D imaging will allow them to be useful, could we have an approximate idea of the objectives of the Graphics team?
There are some for all levels: redesign the icons in a better resolution (for improvement of the user interface – see below), create new icons, apartment ornaments, pop-up objects, equipments, buildings… But also create flyers to announce a patch, illustrate a publication, help on the web site…

Marketing plan

Tamarea (RT) - 19:42 UTC
Ryzom's marketing action plan for 2019 has been completed and has been used as a basis for preparing the general planning for the year for the entire Ryzom team. This general planning sequences 2019 in Jena years (aka "JA"). Each JA, we will work on several categories of tasks, the main ones being as follows:
  • Ingame content – New content, improvements, fixes of bugs explloitable or not, events, rewards.
  • Places – New website, Ryzom wikis, Forum, Steam Ryzom page, AppStore, Social networks.
  • Communication – Promotion of JY patches and events, press releases, improvement of keywords research / SEO*, presence on websites and forums…
  • Volunteers – Recruitment and training.
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : "process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results" (dixit Wikipedia).

Miscallenous informations

Tamarea (RT) & Tykus(RT) - 19:52 UTC
  • A Saga storyline is in preparation which will be used at events played regularly in 2019. (We have more Events team members this year, enough to restart roleplay events on a regular basis.)
  • Fix of the issue which blocks the sending of some responses to tickets since several weeks or even months. (If you have sent a ticket to and are still waiting for an answer, please contact us again.)
  • Fix of an API bug.
  • Mini-patch applied on Atys, to fix the bug of reconnection in Fyros territory when the character was disconnected in an apartment, a Guild Hall or under the Scenographic Editor.
  • The fix of the K/K Oflovak mission bug (validation failure) is being tested on Atys since the bug does not exist on Yubo (testing server).
  • Fix of Aen respawn after a bug of hers.
  • Statue of Ashuleila: it was finally erected, but unfortunately, it did not withstand a heavy storm that occurred last night. And our schedule doesn't allow us to build it again... So we will discuss this again in 2050.

Q: Any idea of the date of resolution of the inventory bug (the filter by clicking on "?" is now ineffective) and of the objects-grouping one (the displayed list of equipped objects is faulty)?
We are actively working on this and should soon be successful. As mentioned above, the bug that prevented replies to tickets from being sent is now fixed and we are taking this opportunity to improve their tracking (e.g. acknowledgement of receipt giving the number of the ticket). However, it is still recommended that players issuing tickets always use the same email address while exchanging with the team about the same ticket.

Q: Could I join the 3D team to help rebuild the statue of my leader, the divine Ashuleila, goddess of Atys and mother of the Homins?
So uh... the door is wide open to join the 3D team (and the needs are big!) Cookies and virtual drinks offered! As for the famous statue, it is planned for 2050 so we will have to work on something else in the meantime…

Q: Can we expect a little bit of kitins to surge from Prime Roots?
Kitin invaders should not be unknown to anyone in 2019... far from it!

Q: Some tips about the future Saga?
Spoil forbidden! Just a little more patience, it is coming!

Content of the next patch (JA 2602)

Tamarea (RT) - 20:48 UTC
You can follow the progress of what is scheduled for the next patch into the roadmap, accessible via, "Roadmap" button.
Direct links to the roadmap by language: German (missing translation to come soon), English, Spanish (missing translation to come soon), French.
The patch is scheduled for February 1st.
New content
  • Powo Creator: Guild Islands (step 1) – Choose your guild island from five, add a scenery, NPCs and customize it! Friends and guests admitted! Have a good time!
  • New Boss on Silan – Yubokin Boss will appear on Silan. So cute!!!!!!!! But it's a Boss… How are you going to react?
  • Excellent tokens – Did you dream of them? They're coming! Thanks to them, you will have access to better rewards… And you will also have a better chance of winning the new Gubani mount!
  • Wheel Rewards – A new companion (zig), new wigs for all races, refugee clothes of different colors, colorful underwear… Which ones will you get?
Maintenance & improvements
  • Ultimate balancing of the Ranger gameplay: addition of resurrection points to the Paths of 250-regions and Prime Roots regions, capitals' Paths moved closer to a K teleporter and Wastelands' Path moved toward Midway Point.
  • Improvement of the user interface: this is only a first step because there is a lot to do. But we'll go on!
  • Improvement of the WebIG browser.
  • Marauder gameplay: new recharging shop for teleporting crystals and new color of these ones so that not to confuse them with sap crystals.
  • Abolition of neutral status in the combat zone of outpost battles.
  • Fix of a bug of campfires (since this is an explotable one, I won't say more).
  • Automation of skill titles. You will no longer have to contact us to ask for them!

21:07 UTC: Tamarea closes the meeting.


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