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What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

Small example: New Horizons used to take products 1 at a time. You had to click and click and click before you got your faction points. It was cumbersome, stupid and inefficient.

And yet, when people asked to have this changed, and to allow giving several products at once, we had voices saying how "omg this is just players being lazy". Instead, it was just a way to reduce pointless grind in a game that's already grinding your nerves just by playing it.

Bottom line, Loved made a list of things that would make the game more FUN for him. To call him and his opinions "stupid" is ... let's say narrow-minded. You do not find the same things fun, that's fine. But insulting the person?!

We play games for different reasons. You play as a form of escapism, using roleplay and immersion. That's fine, but you have NO right to take a dump on everyone else who plays this game in a more light-hearted kind of way.

Btw, +1 @loved.


Laoviel, officer of Rift Walkers
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