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The Book of Guilds -- Technical non RP information

RyGReg 0.9

General changes

Guild relationships management was fixed as well as many other minor issues. There were made some improvements in guild database updates and Statistics displays graph of guilds on Atys. Graphs of activity include current month along 12 month history.

Guild profile

Set of scripts related to guild profile has been cleaned-up. Guild profile contains auto-generated guild description based on known guild data, this feature originally comes from Book of Guilds. Your guild profile contains link to guild inventory accessible using Bag App.

Outpost incidents

RyGReg newly keeps history of incidents between guilds. This is mainly useful to monitor by active outposts. Based on changes of the owner it is also possible to track possession time of each place. I did try to reconstruct incidents history from guild activity log however some battles might be missing, most of locations is unknown and it is not possible to monitor unsuccessful attempts. Table of known incidents in last 12 months is available in Recent updates section as well as graph of amount in time.

Role-play options

One of important news is to allow users to enable more role-play options. With use of Blablatys database, users are allowed to select role-play language. This will create another translation layer and your application will be primarily localized into preferred atys language with fallback to your preferred language with fallback to default language (english).
Another option is live conversion of all dates into Atys timeline along with two new Date and time formates by Atys conventions. And when you feel far from Atys, enable use of your national font. There is one specific font for each Atys race. Unfortunately, in-game browser will ignore this setting.

User interface clean-up

Application UI has been cleaned up. Some additional changes were made for better use in UG browser and customization options were separated for each application. One of new key features is support for scaling. While regular browsers have this feature built-in, this option targets on use with in-game browser and allows you to scale application interface between 90% and 200%.

Color management was replaced with database backend as well as operations log has new database backend. Users can browse log history and let new messages to aggregate into one summary to save space on screen. Cache updates were moved into separate thread to improve performance. Changelog and version system has new database backend.

Usage and installation

You can run the application IG using command /appzone 1947 from any chat window or install RyGReg from App zone. All suggestions are welcome.

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