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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Here you can mainly see the people who feel disadvantaged because they are so "few". Or as you read over and over again, how to increase the chances of small guilds with few (active) members is actually being thought about, or how to improve the chances of small factions.

To put it briefly, how to break the dominance of the Kamis.

What can the Kamis do for the situation? Is it our fault that apparently more people are still opting for the Kamis? This is like wanting to punish homeowners just because a lot of people have to live in rent.

More or less, these changes will punish the guilds that actively seek members. Or you get punished for becoming a kami.

I heard a lot of Karavan players were lost, after the merging of the servers, because a lot of Americans were Karavan and couldn't cope with the "multi-language huddle. No idea.
But the merging of the servers was a long time ago. There were enough Karavan guilds who had time to recruit members to stand up to the Kamis on an equal footing. So don't criticize the system, criticize yourself.
There is no mention here of the fact that certain people are weakening through internal quarrels. Ergo they do have fewer fighters again in the next attack and for that the Kamis are to be punished?
The Kamis are a unit, the others now form unnatural alliances with little substance.
The fact that there are excesses caused by over-motivated people, such as attacks at 3 o 'clock, in the morning of European time, is a problem for many people, because of work or study. But the Kamis have recognised the problem and are bringing people up to face the problem. Besides, it is hardly believed, many Marauders probably also have to go to work, or school in order not to endanger their real life. Just speaking for me, I don not have a problem with the right to attack in the middle of the (european) night.
Ok, so much to accusations of Kami dominance

If I read this correctly here, there are thoughts to expropriate the current outpost owners virtually by system and preferably small guilds can attack an outpost. In other words, large guilds can no longer attack, because there will always be any little ones who are preferred.
What is this? Do you want to spoil players who are actively involved in the game? Have you ever thought that large guilds have worked out this greatness? That the leaders and officers of these guilds are online virtually daily? That these guilds have been working on their reputations and standing for years?
Small guilds often consist of players who have just outgrown Silan and are starting a guild. They should be allowed to attack outposts in a preference?
I have nothing against changes in the OP combat system. 12 rounds instead of 24, no second phase, all right. When rotating OP material, however, everyone should be aware of what an OP is producing. And each guild owns the outpost should also have the opportunity to defend the outpost. Dispossession by system spounts players.
As I said, shorter OP fights, no Phase 2, good idea. But the opposite side should not forget that the same applies to the Kamis when they attack.

The idea I don't think is good is NPC tribes as OP holders. The game is made for human beings and not for NPCs.

What you should definitely work on:

I was mocked (in the roleplay section) for not fighting for the Blackburn outpost, which was attacked at 3am European time. It is pointless to defend an outpost with 3 people when the q50 NPCs fall over in a breeze.
The attackers "tactics”, as seen at the Windway outpost, practically carry out a suicide attack to kill the NPCs before being killed yourself is in terms of play, a joke. (This applies, of course, to both sides)
Respawn and the whole thing again. We wiped the Marauders there round by round and still lost enough rounds to make a phase 2 necessary.
That's not OK. How can it be that an attacker is wiped and still wins the round?
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