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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Ryzom Forge meeting report – November 19 2018

Refactoring of the OP (Ulukyn)

We've made progress on the part about paying for the attacks. The goal is to allow as many guilds as possible to participate and have a better dynamic in OP.
We're thinking of setting a price in Guild Points.
Guilds will get a discount on the price of their first attacks every 2 weeks.
Discounts go up to 100% of the price of the attack, each guild will choose in which continent to apply the discounts and it’s amount. The total sum of discounts for each continent may not exceed 100%.

Q : So, everyone will "fight" to declare first when there will be discount?
R : No, each guild has the same discounts that it decides to apply in the continent or continents of it’s choice. However, only the first attacks are concerned with a reset every 15 days.

Q : How many Guild Points will it cost to attack?
R : Not determined yet.
Ulukyn answering to the many comments, criticisms and questions
I propose something even easier. I let you read the previous meetings on OP, understand the whole thing, think about it and ask questions on a page of the forum, so I can answer at the next meeting.

You are therefore all invited to ask your questions, criticize, propose or even approve on the post whose link follows: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/29200/0

Shooting weapons (Ulukyn)

A tool has been put in place to add missing stats on ammunition and perform tests. It's moving fast and we think we're bringing a new interest to remote fire.
It's still in the test phase and giving figures would make no sense. Especially since it is necessary to balance both pve and pvp.
However, if you have an opinion, suggestions or remarks, you can use the forum in the same way. This could give us some leads on how to improve shooting weapons.

The guild islands (Ulukyn)

Soon, islands will be accessible to the guilds. One in fact. You can choose from the 5 ecosystems and 5 different islands. It will be possible to set the stage (via the scenographic editor) but also buildings (which can offer services such as extensions of GH or other), creatures (not attackable) and pnj (which will also offer services).
In addition, it is possible that the island has an "open house" version available to all. There would be 2 different spawn points. One for the private version and one for the public version. Thus, you can make a part of the island, a presentation of your guild with a pnj that would give informations.

Q : Space storage?
R : Yes, we think about increasing space storage.

Q : On the guild Island, are we gonna get new building? Like Farm to make packers food or something? Or maybe do a breeding? ( With packers or Kizoar, or Gubanis, for example ) ? And new occ for it?
R : With Ark it is possible yes, it was possible to make a wheel of fortune 100% in Ark. So service buildings yes, they would be good little projects for Arkitects, because very often they would like to do things but don't know what to do.

Q : Will the Island be buildable and/or directed by all the members from the guild?
R : Good question. The easiest way would be to allow everyone to create a scene and let the chief and/or senior officers import scenes from other players. This will allow everyone to participate in the construction of the island. As for pnjs and creatures, there it will be the chief and/or senior officers only.

End of meeting

Thanks from the participants for the Anlor Winn event, the new wheel and new stuffs.


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