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Revitalize the ingame economy with buying play time ingame.

As readed above you want to "bring" our faulty "human" economy into this parallel universe... well I am against that with all my guts and here are my reasons:
1. This world is pre-industrial (LORE) in the sense that if you "forget" about super technology of Karavan everything is like in the middle ages so we should respect that, not only for the sake of roleplay but also for the fact that we already know that our "human" economy is not working (see the crisis).
2. It is normal and necessary that a skillful player to have more dappers "he work more" and for longer time than a "refugee". Nevertheless any time when a newcomer cames to mainland usually he is welcomed by old-players who usually give him a startup dappers for the ML economy (happen to me) and I did the same several times.
3. To put RL money in game will transform it into a "Brat" oriented game, in the sense that a RL rich dude (being lazy) will have better mats than someone who is confronting Kirosta Patrol in PR for the Exe and Supr mats so you know what I mean!!!
4. For the newplayers there are always way to produce money and once arrived in mainland you have the Overseers who are giving you missions for money nevertheless the OCCS that you get both Racial fame points and Dappers


https://bm.bmsite.net/render/jD7dtYUrWjZjHcWWf6Hc4GDGNfhgkNBNFSLm CMKVdm7iknszcTu3hSWBnmAfTeY26v4e5dufdTqt8FMkZytqXaf3
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