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Revitalize the ingame economy with buying play time ingame.

While I was away from Ryzom, I have been looking at some other games and I noticed that some games have implemented a strategy to make the ingame currency have a certain value. It combats people that sell ingame currency for money and gives the ingame currency a certain stability.

With this introduction, I would like to see an NPC in the cities that sells you a token that you can redeem for a subscription.

My idea would be: You could sell the token at the city welcomer. Every city has one, and the newbie missions always make you visit him/her. You can then buy a token that's worth 2 weeks of subscription time for an amount of dappers that still has to be tweaked. Something you can do with 1 "easy" and 1 "challenging" profession on "professional" level if you turn in the results for 14 days should be an initial goal.

The next step would be that you go to the leader of any city and ask them to validate your token. That way you could e.g. collect tokens while you pay for the subscription and when it runs out you can extend your game time for 2 weeks with those tokens.

What would be the result? First, the economy of Ryzom would stabilize. You can directly convert the ingame currency into a fiat currency like USD and wonder if you really want to buy e.g. a QL 250 Excellent Sarina Seed for $1,99 a piece. Selling your loot on the open market suddenly makes sense again.

What do you think? Discuss.
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