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Killing Diggers in Prime Roots

WRT the idea that the Rangers are there to enforce peaceful behavior, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Rangers were formed to combat the Kitins, and to a lesser extent, the Goo. Anything that divides hominity reduces our strength against the real enemies. However, as Wuaoi pointed out several times, the Rangers as an organization only intervene with diplomacy at the National level, the quarrels of individuals are their own business

Yes, it's true that kitins are the main threat according to the point of view of Rangers. And concretely, this is true : hominity suffered of two bloodly swarn !

So yes, forget the Rangers. Sorry for talking about them. Now, who wants to play the role of the heroic soldiers who track terrorists everywhere on Atys ? I think it's missing. What is a villain without his bright nemesis ? :-(


Auparavant Ki'gan, dit le Dévoreur d'Espoir. Aujourd'hui, sous couvert de troubles dissociatifs de la personnalité, il se fait appeler Vao, et dit avoir rompu avec son passé terroriste. Mais qui croire ? Le monstre ou le fou ?

Previously Ki'gan, the Devourer of Hope. Today, under the guise of dissociative personality disorders, he calls himself Vao, and says he has broken with his terrorist past. But who should we believe? The monster or the madman?
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