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Killing Diggers in Prime Roots

I think a lot of the issue here is that certain folks have a far different idea of how things are done. Some feel an RPG is a Role-playing GAME while others see them as a ROLE-PLAYING!!!!1111 "game". This wasn't really an issue pre-Merge since there was less mixing of the cultures, so each server was populated with those who were more clustered along that spectrum. However, post-Merge, we have a wider range of views. Wide enough to cause a lot of conflict simply because some folks cannot accept that not all of us are high-theatre types who feel anything less than 250% immersion is heresy.

In a more meta sense, a lot of us who are in the first group come here from other games that are full of that sort of behavior. I get it. There are folks who are frustrated that RL doesn't allow them to be a bloodthirsty tyrant so they play games and go seal-clubbing to scratch that "exploit the weak and wallow in their misery" itch. There's plenty of other games that cater specifically to them though, as well as a number of Atysians seeking some good, clean PvP action, so they don't need to prey on the defenseless. They do so simply because they are sociopaths. RL has international treaties such as the Geneva Convention banning the targeting of civilians just as most civilizations have long had laws against wanton murder, and maybe it's time Ryzom did the same.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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