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Echo; Echo; A call to Kami Faction

Northstar sends an Izam to deliver a message to all Atysian capitals with news of the expected results of the battle and the expected response of the Kami dragon

Echo; Echo; Another blow to the Dragon:

Dear all,

I proved once again that I stand by my words.

Echoes delivered on its promises.

Victory was achieved; after a very short-lived battle at Blackburn Tradepost; soon another non-kamist drill will stand proud in the lands of Atys.

As for the Zorai Outpost; well; once the attack there had served its cause; we immediately withdrew our forces and as a courtesy to my opponents; which serves as an exemplar behavior of our master morality; I informed our opposition, that we had no further interest in invading the Zorai land at this time.

I am not sure why the Kamists, who have tremendous discord in their ranks these days, did not take me up on my offer..They really believed that it was a sign of weakness? If anything; it was one-of-a-kind act of kindness...

They should have rested for the big fight ahead of them; but instead, they tried to pretend they are still mighty and powerful, but alas, they suffered another blow.

I guess they thought they could out-do us, a relic behavior of their olden days of glory, one which will shortly only be remembered by the Kamist elders and will be distant history.

My fellow sisters and brothers; my fellow hominas and homins:

I do not intend to strike fear into your hearts.

I just want you to see, that the Kamists, who have corrupted these lands, do not have any power over any of us. Their numerical strength is useless in this case.

I do not pretend to be all mighty and powerful; but I am committed; to let freedom reign supreme on Atys. I urge you to follow in my example, revolt, and take back what is yours from the Kamists. Exemplify the Master Morality in you; and free yourselves from Ma-Duks slave morality.

The great Kamist dream has come to an End; join us our sisters and brothers; in the new Atys; where freedom reigns supreme.

On behalf of Echoes and its allies; I promise you the following; defeat or victory;

Do not ask what your faction can do to avert the upcoming war. The answer is nothing whatsoever. The fate of your Outposts rests in our hands.

We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.




Chieftess of Echoes (GL)

(OOC: @Elizoma: Huhu; Now you know how the Battle of Waterloo felt like for the losers)


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