Letter to Ailan Mac’Kean after the Assembly of the Circles on Holeth, Fall ...

Nair Governor
I have been, as a tryker ambassador to the Theocracy, to the Assembly of the Circles of Fallenor 18, 3rd CA 2600 and I must share with you some terrifying news.
Marauders, equipped with goo-based throwing weapons, succeeded in asserting themselves in the said assembly and killed representatives of all nations without mercy and to the last.
As you know, Fairhaven has also been the scene of similar, although much smaller, tragedies since the withdrawal of the trained guards.

Nair Governor! How long before we are slaves again!

The new Sage, Sap, asked us to accompany her to meet the Goo head in a few days, mainly to learn more about these weapons, but we need you!

You must react and see with the leaders from other nations to unite all free homins under a common banner against these monsters thirsty for sap and blood.

On behalf of all that the Federation represents, I beg you, Nair-Governor, to do your utmost.

Kyriann Ba’Zephy Rie
Tryker Ambassador to the Theocracy
Deputy Taliar of the Federation
High Officer of Bai Nhori Drakani


Kyriann Ba'Zephy Rie
Cheffe de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Mère de famille
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