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Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Ehm, maybe i'm not right, but.... The Wirroy's topic about meta RP come from the idea of aggro range based on fame.

Lil explanation about meta RP:

Meta RP is the difference between what THE PLAYER see and what your TOON see. For example: If we meet: You can read that i'm Mithian, you, the player, but... Laoviel can't read it, she just see a Tryker.

So, with an helmet, it can be a Kara, a Kami or whatever you want. If the toon don't say i'm Marau, you're not supposed to know it. That's Meta RP and that's why it was used on the topic. It wasn't used as an excuse or whatever you want it to be.

About kills on a Vortex or when running out from a TP while being tagged, it happen for everyone and by every faction.

Oh and, btw... Keep your " fellow Marauder" for yourself. I'm not Marauder IRL and, Forum is out of RP place. ;) ( or at least, this section :)
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