Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities

Ok, let's set something straight: I've been in RW for a few months now. I am speaking in my capacity as a player.

If guilt-by-association is a thing, and if you really wish to drag group politics into it, then for the love of God we'll be here until the end of times. I can quote you lots of crap done by members of all three factions on Atys, in turns, without leaving anyone out. Including several stupid marauders, several stupid kamis, several stupid karavans at some point over the years.

So .. if you wish to start an endless cycle of "no u" and "teach, but HE bit me first!", go right ahead. You have an example of a fellow marauder throwing veiled insults right in this topic -- low iq, idiot etc. Should we answer in kind?
Mmm... there was a little more than just that in there... smaller, more subtle things, but I do admit I did emphasize the "[attempt to] talk first, shoot later," talking point the most because it has a tendency to be the most frequent.
I am aware of your other points too, but the topic got dragged in as a justification for some folks acting as rogue murderers. So, first I needed to settle the point that no, the finer details can't be used to contradict the friggin main point.
Rowdyclaws said he saw other people being killed at teleport, multiple times; that was the point I was answering to. I was not talking against you specifically..


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