Marauders attacking diggers returning from PR in cities


"And the mercy seat is smoking
And I think my head is melting
And in a way I’m helping
To be done with all this twisting of the truth.
A lie for a lie
And a truth for a truth
And I’ve got nothing left to lose
And I’m not afraid to die."

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds -The Mercy Seat

About spouting "we are within our rights";this is rich coming from a member of RW. How many times have you abused this? Now that the foot is on the other side it doesn't feel good; does it?

Oh and by the way; yes we were within our rights; both according to GP mechanics and the CoC. Your flaming however was not; or your companion's wish that "i should die in a fire".

And about tall order and the moral high road: You are a member of the guild that couldn't take theheat when training solo so they untagged; only to tag up and gank Revvy on multiple occasions with 7+ members v 1; only to untag again when the GP allowed for it. I guess that's a highlight of your exemplary behavior on Atys.

So; I would advise you to refrain from further commentary which might bring to the fore a variety of other activities and behaviors several members of your guild have exhibited throughout the years; which I have kindly elected to ignore:)



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