Collecting your interface woes

Sorry I don't have the time or attention span to read 10 pages to see if my issues were already discussed but here they are:

If the client is in windowed mode and you set the viewable window to be max screen size, it resizes down on a relog. It does this twice on Windows but only once on Linux. If you do not catch the 2nd resize on Windows, all your UI elements are moved around. Please for the love of Kami get rid of the hard coded small window size on launch. Have it remember last screen size. This has been a bug since Ryzom was owned by Nevrax.

Ui positions and macros don't save unless you cleanly exit the client.
A crash or hard exit nothing gets saved. It would be awesome to have a real time save of UI and macro element changes.

Windows that a player may not want open are forced to close them on every relog. Mine currently is the mission window. It used to be the Home window as well.

Suggestions not bug related:
Allow a "snap to" window positioning. So one can slide windows next to each other and they snap to the edge of the next window (preferably without a gap).

A horizontal scroll in the skill tree window so one doesn't have to resize this window huge to see mastered skills.

A resizable macro window, as is it takes up too much screen horizontally.

A complete redo of the UI setup to allow for player made custom UI skins.
Think Everquest or WoW here. All based on xml and/or lua.


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