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Public Shaming

These are the conventions used by event team during RP event.
May be, it should be told more widely in the CoC for example...

Look at what time most events happen then ask yourself how many folks will be online at 10am on a weekday instead of at work/school. There are reasons that a lot of American/Canadian players don't attend many RP event or OP battles. Not that I expect the event team to stay up until 4am to cater to us, mind you, but it is worth reminding folks that there are a fair number of players who are more than a couple of time zones away from CET.

And, around is supposed to be the only RP channel since that's where your toon talk or shout, where you can use emote.

Region, Universe, LanguageUni and Faction ones aren't used for RP for most of players.

I think I missed that meeting. Or maybe I skipped that training in Silan, or the Izam that had that message tied to it's leg got eaten on it's way to me. In any case, this is the first time I've heard that. Maybe someone could write a "Ryzom etiquette for new players" thread to educate those of us who never played on Leanon or during EU primetime when things are (apparently) different?

... Ryzom is known as a game with a lets call it softer side than pure PvP games. I see some of you are calling for a free for all use of game mechanics, full PvP etc, but this would not be Ryzom for most of our players.

One of the reasons I've stayed here so long is precisely because the PvP is a bit different than, say, GTA5 or EVE Online. I could see most of Prime Roots (which are already PvP zones) being a bit more anarchistic, but I feel that homins should be able to walk the surface regions without the threat of being ganked by some foul-mouthed 12-year-old. Those who wish to add an element of danger to their gameplay all over Atys are free to tag up, but PvP outside of PR should remain strictly opt-in.

Maybe we could compromise by making PR a little more lawless to balance the (arguably excessive) safety of the surface regions to satisfy both sides?

I know it is rather difficult to take good screenshots while running for your life chased by five Vorax and a Jugula...

It gets easier with practice :)


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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