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Public Shaming

And, the conclusion is: Marauders players have for 90% of the communauty a bad reputation. Why ? Because they are Marau, they are bad peoples or will obviously act in a bad way. And, to this, i would say: N.O

I've found that faction has less to do with it than how strongly RP one is. I have friends and enemies in all factions, and most of the problems I've had over the years were from hardcore RP-ers (of all factions) who took issue with me doing things like training with non-Karavan folks, being non-Karavan in a Karavan guild, daring to talk to them while displaying the flag of a Karavan guild, taking up arms against other homins while being a Ranger... basically for simply not having the exact same interpretation of lore that they do and taking it as seriously as they do. Yes, a few of them are Marauders, but when you adjust for the relative populations of each faction, such behavior seems to be pretty evenly spread across all factions.

And, another important thing to remind to people is: No, if people choosed to play bad guy by RP, they are not just asses. They just decided to play the game a different way you did want to.

You skipped the part about insulting people for not treating Ryzom as more performance art than game. When the deeeeeeeep-RP crowd starts showing a little respect for those who aren't committed method actors then I'll agree. Until that day though, I think the "just decided to play the game a different way" argument is a lame excuse.

What means: I can be salty or harsh with you, it don't mean i hate the PERSON you are, it means MITHIAN don't like your TOON.

That may fly with those who are all about the immersion and have their toons as 150% totally, utterly, and completely separate entities from the person at the keyboard, but the more casual folks who don't have nearly as big a divide between themselves and their toon WILL take that sort of thing personally. Those folks will also take a toon doing dishonorable things to mean that the person controlling them has no honor either. Be as salty and harsh as you want with those those who are as serious about RP as you, but also try to respect those who are not like you and recognize that many who are not you might take a slight against their toon as an attack against them.

The Ryzom communauty was used to be friendly, RP wise, but, for an obvious reason ( Hey, merge ) it did changed. Because different way to play, different way to see things ( by IRL culture, i suppose ) and, that's a bit sad.

Yes, Merge changed things. It's been a few years though, so it's well past time for pre-merge players to accept that they now share a server with those from other servers who do things differently. Ryzom cannot be friendly again unless/until we acknowledge and respect our differences instead of trying to bend others to our will in a vain attempt to turn back the clock and make Atys a mirror of whatever server one played pre-merge.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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