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Public Shaming

Just circling back to the original topic:

Should you ever publicly shame anyone, for any reason?
Probably not.

Have I ever done it?
Definitely, although that was limited mostly to OP wars region chat :)

Is publicly shaming any more effective than submitting a ticket?
Not really- unless you enjoy harassment, but you don't since that is the reason you felt outraged in the first place...

Is publicly shaming disruptive to the rest of the community?
10000% yes, and this would be my biggest reason to not do it.

Is there an alternative?
Aside from a ticket, if the player is part of a guild or faction, there may be an officer or other reputable individual that you could ask to mediate or maybe educate the other player if inexperience is a factor in the behavior...

Just my two dappers, good luck!
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