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Public Shaming

@ Revvy - I agree 100$ with you. We should re-write the C.o.C to take advantage of our surroundings and weed-out the weak. But in your response to him being mad, I read it as frustration because toons like he/she described are to weak to tag and no guts to prove their Atys worth.

But, if I read this correctly, it seems that Zatarga is talking about regionswithin the 4 areas above Prime Roots and PvP areas like Nexus. If we are to re-write the C.o.C, then we should eliminate tagging all together and have open hunting season where are long as you are outside any city limits, you take that risk of being attacked. What is the worst thing that can happen? You get killed, it is not like you will be robbed or lose any gear/dappers for it.

Thank you
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