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Client display bug: item boosts confused

I have just discovered that the bug spills over to a slightly more important aspect of the game, the craft window: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo7Q5JIOUng&feature=youtu.be

As you can see in the clip above:

- When I hover in the Preview window, I should see the prospective item's name (e.g. kostomus boots, rylonus sleeves)

- Instead, what I get is a generic title "Crafted item" plus a boost that's copied from the last item I hovered on. The boost, obviously, is not applied postcraft -- my action template doesn't contain it. So the issue is just front-end, nothing wrong with the server.

This is bound to confuse some novice crafters out there ☺ I know the item names by heart, but my bet is that most people would actually love to use the Preview window and double-check that the suffix -yx means "high quality" in Fyros speak, whereas -us means "medium".

@Northstar: I never used item groups, so it's definitely not related to that on my end.


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