[RANGER] Meet the new Goo, not quite the same as the old Goo

The following letter appears in the usual places, the walls of stables, lamp posts and the like.

To Wuaoi Yai-Zhio, Orphie Dradius, Melga Folgore, and to all others to whom these letters come, greetings.

I woke from a nap that I took near Staring Stronghold in Void to find myself surrounded by Goo clouds where there had been none when I laid down. I looked around and compared what I saw to what I had seen in the last Goo incursion.

The clouds were nearly motionless, unlike the roaming clouds the first time, but as I investigated further I noticed an itching and burning sensation that continued as long as I was in the cloud and faded as soon as I left the cloud. It did not feel as if it were endangering my health, but with Goo you can never be too careful.

I then proceeded, as I had before, to investigate the boundaries of the Goo incursion. What I found was that the depth of the incursion of the Goo was greater even than in the previous case, but that I could feel the damage only when I was actually in a cloud, unlike the usual Goo damage which extends over a wide area whether clouds are present or not.

I investigated the distribution of the clouds and found a significant difference from the previous incursion. The extent of the new clouds was greatest on the northern and western edges of the Void and least on the southern and eastern edges. The southeast edge of the Paramount Stock plateau was free of the clouds, but the northern edge of the Mull of Despond was covered almost to the cliffs (and in one case the Goo lingered atop a cliff).

The amber deposits of Paramount Stock seem to be unaffected, but the tunnel into the Stock suffers from the Goo.

As of the current date, Pluvia 23, 4AC, 2599 the damage of the Goo clouds can be ignored by any healthy homin, despite the discomfort, but care should be taken by any homin venturing into the Void, for Goo can change at any time.

I note that the Theocracy and the Matis botanist Cuirinia are aware of the problem, but they have apparently not studied the extent of the problem in depth.

Submitted in haste
MacOd Bittty, Ranger

Copies produced by the Scribes Guild of Fairhaven
You write it, we copy it. Since JY 2552.


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