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Zoroargh (RF)
I'm merging the wiki Forge + Lore with the Encyclopatys, and I'm trying to harmonize the 5 languages (template, presentation and categorization).
it's a long-term job and I won't be done tomorrow, but I'd be happy to see you bring it all back to life.

You can link to other languages, and at the bottom to any main portal of the Encyclopatys.
it's the same in FR, EN, ES, DE and RU.
We can merge Lore in a specific portal, Forge too (in game portal) and Chronicles.

Q: There are translation issues but i think work is in progress?
A: yes, very needed. I can speak a bit in EN and ES I can guess DE and Read RU, but those last is really too hard for me.

Lerwarr : Thanks it will be usefull for a new player like me.
Tamarea : Thanks to this work, the Lorists will finally be able to easily publish Lore's articles (in addition to validating current requests.) !
Zorroargh: One very important thing: Please if you want to create an account, make my life easier by quoting your name and/or your role in Ryzom. I am obliged to be "severe" to avoid any hacker or bots intrusion

Q: What kind of resources do you need? Translators? Lorists? Take screenshots of mobs / plants... ?
R Zorroargh: probably translators.
Come for your "pleasure". This should not be turned into an additional task. You will see that there are many things to do and improve. Everyone can find his pleasure: improve templates, patrol, make beautiful pictures, translate, proofread... etc...

Ayann:  I'd say, A nice resources would be some advertisement through an in-game panel, for example. this would allow people not here but interested to know about the effort.
Teanwen: Ulukyn may be able to do it, if he allow external link to ingame webig. security issues incoming.

Q: What language are the resources mainly in?
R Z :Tthere are >2000 articles FR ; >500 EN ; >100DE and <100 ES+RU (in memory ladle).

Q: So, a system like wikipedia, with languages on a side panel would not be bad? To know if already translated or not, and if so, raw or not? To see the software used afterwards.
A Z : When a page is written in another language (and I have patrolled) there are small buttons with flags on the top right. There is no automaton possible: you have to patrol... 

Q: What if there's only one lanque available, you only display one flag?
A: Yes. It attracts attention.


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