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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

Ryzom Forge meeting report - July 16th, 2018


New reward system & new rewards

Ulukyn (Dev)
First I'll talk about the new wheel of fortune.
Our goal in redoing the wheel was not just to add new items (although there are); Our primary goal is to create a unique reward that is easy to give and then reward players.
Indeed, the current wheel is very badly made, not motivating, boring etc... So it has been completely redone with completely new mechanisms, a token system with several qualities (basic, fine, xl, sup) and especially rewards that can be either items or effects, Everything is possible.

The main new features are:
  • Quality tokens;
  • The possibility to increase your chances by playing several tokens at once (max 5);
  • The possibility to play 10 games in 1 click.
  • A dilemma or sometimes you will have to choose between better quality tokens or prizes won.
We wanted the wheel to be fun to play (because we hope it will be used often), fun, (we try to avoid bots by offering a simple way to play several games) and motivating (prizes will be put into play each month).
I will say no more, I let you discover all this very soon.

Q: Tomorrow?
A: We make the announcement, we add rewards that have just been given to us and it will be good for the launch.

Q: what about the old event rewards and archievements ?
A: rewards and achievements will be retained.
Old events rewards (ghosts, Atys points) are not tokens. The tokens of the wheel are not Atys Points. events may reward players in Atys Points (another name will be found for these points) or in tokens of the wheel, depending on the type of event.
It will be possible to get tokens with Atys Points, but not the other way around.


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