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The Book of Guilds -- Technical non RP information

This is clearly a language thing....but probably more terminology and the fact that you are using terms with which many of us in the player base are unfamiliar. For example, we used to write user manuals for software companies and the SoP was to assign a primary author who knew nothing about the application. After all knowledgeable users don't need user Manuals. They primary author would work under someone who did.

This is because the terminology that a familiar person might use would be assumed to be understood by the user and often this is not the case. I fear such an assumption has been made here. When you say "authentication" or "dynamic icon feature" few players know what that means. By "Home Page" are we talking about HOME on Ryzom web site, guild home page in app or something else ? The icon is on neither of those nor is it on the app bar ... hence the confusion.

My two original questions ...

1. I asked how often it checks to see if someone has had activity ... which by your answer is about every 60 minutes.

What I don't understand is ... if it checks at say 18:00 and 19:00 , if someone logged on from 18:15 to 18:45, will that show up on activity list ?. Restated for clarity ... when it looks, is it a snapshot of "who is present at 18:00 and then again at 19:00" ... or is it scanning to see "who was here between 18:00 and 19:00 ?"

2. I don't understand what you don't understand about me asking what needs to be enabled for me to see folks :)

These people are on line, we are in team, we are chatting, if as you stated, you are not using and do not need their API keys to see last login info, then why does the RyGreg activity list tell me that the people I am talking to have not been in game for 3 months ?

i) If as you stated you are not taking the info from API, then you must be taking it from outside the API. And if you are taking it from outside the API, then whether or not they have submitted an API key should be of no significance to what I am seeing.

ii) The last posts states.... "You will be added first time spotted, by your leader/officer. by one-time import from guild API key or by automatic update from guild API key. And then every time its longer than 1 hour since the last time"

OK, I have imported the list ... I see them on it. I'm looking at the activity list and, according to RyGReg, I am the only guild member with any activity since May 14. Amartii hasn't been on according to the log since May 05... his alt Fuina not since 03-25 ... both were on most of yesterday. Magez, also not since May 05.... also here most of yesterday... Skiy not since February.. Our GL Azad, not since February 2017. All have been on repeatedly since

So if it's not clear at this point .... what I was trying to do is obtain direction as to what I need to do by way of instruction to Guild members so that the guild mates I see in game every day show up on the activity log.

"They must use any of my apps or ***at least install one and allow dynamic icon feature***. "

Great, if only Iwe knew what that was and where to find it :)

The description states.

DAI .... "allows to display a dynamic icon in application bar or home page" ... I see nothing different on the app bar, guild home page or Ryzom page that I arrive at when i click the HOME button either in game

Please understand that I am not being critical in any way, just trying to get to the point where we understand what has to be done in order to use this app to its fullest extent. We are not understanding each other because the descriptors you used are not translating well

You have read the developer notes, you understand the concept fully ... but those of who do not are in the dark. I spent some hours playing with things and I think I have figured it out.

1. The "home page" as used in your description is not the Guild's Home Page in the app, nor the Ryzom home page (what we see when we click HOME button but what is actually labeled as the "User Apps List" found here:


2. The DAI is not on the app bar.... at least not mine.

I have now assumed the reason that all activity just stopped for our member players is that when the app was updated DAI defaults to the DISABLED state. Since no one had any idea the app was updated, no one knew to go in and set it ti ENABLED.

Therefore the direction i was looking for as to what I need to do so I can see them is that I need to tell folks that "guild would like to have the activity data so we can see when everyone last logged in for guild event planning purposes ... if you have no objection, please go to the In Game Application Listing and set the button to ENABLE."

If I may suggest for the English description of the DAI I would suggest the following:

"Dynamic application icon

The application is using new Ryzom app zone feature that allows a dynamic icon to be displayed in the list of applications page in the App Zone.


If you visit the "List of In Game Apps" Page linked above or in game, there is a new column entitled "Dynamic icon". Scrolling down to the RyGReg application, you will see a button icon which has the default status of "DISABLE".

If you are a member of a guild you should understand that after installing and using this application, by setting the Dynamic Application Icon to ENABLE, your presence in game will be periodically logged into the guild activity database. This information will be visible to other app users in the form of:

"Guild leader Joe Blow seen on Atys"
"HO Sam Schmoe details have been updated"
"Member John Doe has been removed"

If you do not want your activity to be logged in the database, then leave this icon set to display DISABLE


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