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Forgive me, I am just not understanding the mechanism, my guess is something is getting lost in translation. I didn't think it was looking at log in data, as indicated, I just figured it did a scan every so often and was curious as to how often that was because some folks often only log in for short durations

It's my understanding that installing any of those apps requires an API key. From original post

"RyGReg, Ryzom Guild Registry, gets the raw guild list from the Ryzom API " ... This is true for the Fame Tool also.

For example, when I looked at it after the update ... I had 5 guildies on line... when I opened the app none of them had been here as far back as I looked (> 6 months). So it would seem still, that in order for Guild leadership to be able to use this info, each guild member whose data will be reported, must have 'given up" an API key.

If this status check **does not need an API key**, then I go back to my original question No. 8 as explained in Post #11:

"is there any way to make the player status not dependent on whether the players are / are not using the RyGReg app ? " [or any other app].

In other words, ***if no API key is required***, if a name is on the imported member list, will dynamic icons allow the data to be pulled.

I have recommended your apps to many players in guild and out. Some don't want to load any apps for fear it will impede game performance, some for privacy regions, some struggle with the process of adding an API key. So while I respect those decisions from a guild management perspective, it would be a real bonus if in fact if no API key or app load was in fact required.


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