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Ryzom improves with the Ranger Faction! (2018-03-03)

There's much misunderstanding here as I see peeps complaining about problems that don't exist. AFAIK, there are are no duplicate TPs / paths to any region.

The RP problem is more "player created" to reinforce their own preferences than anything else, 1) the TP access to nrutral TPs have existed since Day 1, why complain about it now, 2) BOTH the factions have neutral TPS so there always has been a dichotomy and 3) the Ranger faction protects Atys from the Kitin threat ... which means this faction is protecting all homins on the planet. For the powers to grant them access to the lower level regions via their network to accomplish this goal is no big stretch.

As for a Ranger guild deciding to be Mercenary ... so what ? Again this has been the case since day 1. Like the family who goes to church once a year on a particular holiday "just in case", players have always been faction whores for TPs. Many guilds of both factions faction were mercenary in nature, even being Trytonist of a kind as they worked to maintain a balance (KLIKHx2) between the factions.

Because one thing happens when there is an inbalance, invariably, population and subscriptions drop. Understandabe, the "withouts" feel disenfranchised but it's always the dominant side that over time loses more ... out of sheer boredom. So we can talk about each and every individual's own personal version of what RP should be or we can talk about what sustains the population. As long as everyone is [paying the same subscription rite, everyone should have the same opportunities.

As far as passing a rite giving special priviledges ... you took a mission and killed a low level NPC ... big whoop..... everyone in any faction did a rite. By that logic, the Rangers should have the most advantages as there rite is far more difficult.

Ryzom has always been about equality .... different weapons have advantages in certain situations, but overall there is no best weapon that provides an advantage across the board ... there is no best race, each has advantages in certain situations and disadvantages in others (well except for zorai who can reach things on the top shelf, Trykers who don't have to bend so far to pick up things and Fyros who don't get sunburn ... hep me here for the Matis) ... and there are no "classes".

If we are going to have special classes, why stop at factions ... why not discriminate by race and gender too ? Better yet, just like all other aspects of the game, don't allow RP choices to put anyone at an advantage or disadvantage.


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