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Ryzom improves with the Ranger Faction! (2018-03-03)

OK. I'm a Ranger and I'm having a hard time understanding the repeated assertions of getting substantially knocked down in HP by the Paths. The Paths (iirc) take up to 20% of your HP per passage. That means that on *average* they take only 10%.

The surface (capital to q250 area) paths take nothing!
It is possible to get to any of the PR exits in at MOST two paths that damage you. No path exit in PR is more than three (including one free) Paths away from a capital. Two sets of damage is maximum 40% damage and average 20%.

I haven't used any of the PR exits and run into any "bunch of kitins" (yet). Mayhap I am using different times or seasons than others. The exit on Kipucka Hill in Void is the only one where I find kitins with any regularity and that is not most of the time. One just runs and it's easy to shake them.

As far as what we have gotten, I think it pretty much matches what we were told we would get. I'm satisfied.


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