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Cashing in Nation Points

Freddy... $45 - Salad? What fast-food joint do you eat at? And on a more serious note, thank you for your time and energy because I believe that you are correct....


Well that's the thing, tho I see know shuda made that clear ... if the fast food restaurant had a menu like that, no one would opt for the salad ... just like no one is gonna opt for the Wundahmat.

Thank you for the long and complete explanation, FF.

Yes in this day and age, few folks want to read more than a headline or a text message before feeling they have absorbed everything there is to know about issue. But as I took your interest as genuine and with Ryzom having so many questions that you could ask, for which there could be many different correct answers (best weapon ... best place to dig, etc) that I wanted to pass on all the relevant information that came to mind.


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