Cashing in Nation Points

I've always been amazed by the price of potatoes compared with the payout from New Horizons. Piks and crystals are reasonably priced, but the exponential pricing on potatoes (or "wundahmat") makes getting a usable quantity of them requires so much time/effort spent on occupations that it's just not worth it.

As a Ranger, I can only earn 1800 points a day. That's only enough for 28 potatoes of high enough quality for my favorite Overseers. Those who get the higher rates that citizens in high regard can get up to 112 potatoes a day, but that's still no less than 9 days to get a full stack or premium potatoes. For those of us who do not swear allegiance to any one nation, it's over a month.

While I understand that there is a bit of a markup due to the convenience of not having to go digging, I would rather spend a couple hours in Loria than a handful of weeks to get a similar quantity of crafting mats for missions. The ratio is beyond unfavorable.


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