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Suggestions for Ryzom.. if I can..

The takeaway for me that I get from most of these threads ... "if it's not what i want, then i don't want it in game".  I have a BBQ, I make 6 different meats and / or Seafood, 5 of 6 different salads and miscellaneous appetizers ... take what ya want and leave the reast for others.   What I see not specifically here in this thread, but in most threads is, I don't like Potato Salad and i won't go to a BBQ that serves it.  If it's there and ya don't eat it, pass by and take what bya bdo like ..... no "skin off your nose" if there's option that you don't like and others do.... no one is stopping you from getting what you want.

Let's talk about say an apartment decoration... let's say you do a mektoub relay race with a team of 8 homins, 1 doing each region and you win a set of 8 statuette of a particular Atys creature to stick on a shelf in your apartment and they are randomly distrubured to each team member.  You like races, you had fun, you invested 2 hours in it ... you got a reward.  Great, why the hate on someone else find a different path to get same or similar rewrad.

Now here's the part I don't get ... if there is an alternative path to get that same or similar reward ... one that takes the same time investment , "where's the beef ?".  I like to do certain things, each person likes to do what they like ... why not be all inclusive and let everyone have a shot at statuettes for their apartment ?  Even if these alternate paths require larger time investments, most folks are against it.


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