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How to locate A Ranger portal with just two flags

There are actually more "problems" with the solution, like if the portal point is on the southern side of the circle, or if the angles are extremely acute, or the flags are in-line, and so on.

I did not want to make people bleed from their eyes.

As we all know Portals, TPs and such tend to be near natural and homin made boundary structure (cliffs, walls, rock faces, etc.) That should help with locating the portals.

Initially, I wrote up a quadrilateral solution, but then I realized, people will just hate me. You should have seen my complex quadrilaterals method. 8-)
There is one small problem with your analysis.

There are actually two points that satisfy all the conditions you specify. They are on either side of the line between A and B.
(Specifically the defined triangle can be flipped along the A-B line.)

It's usually enough to look at the two locations and realize that solution #2 is in an aggro pile and look at the other one. :D

If you find a third point you can get a unique solution. I tend to just target point B, estimate where I'm going to end up (based on my eyeballs on the map, then run until the distance to point B is the right number, then target point A, and iteratively adjust my distances until I'm there, but that's just because I'm too lazy to do the maths.
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