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Just checking back after a long time ...

Forgot to mention a few things.

I am in Montreal Canada. So this might be a factor in finding other players.

Also, I used to play this game and I think I played for 3-4 years.

The reason I have not found a game I like (still analysing) is because I am looking into something that has all the followings:
- a universe where I could virtually have another life
- by having another life, I expect to find everthing in there to do so as if I was really there (jobs, trading, crafting, exploring, sleeping, eating, family, ...)
- a community without jackass or assh....
- having fun while doing anything and everything
- freedom of choice
- freedom to decide I do the work myself or assign to minions/workers or a combination of both
- build an empire
- replay value,
- diversity
- not feeling limited in any way
- have a home

Heck if I could create an alternate universe with all this, I would probably dive in it. Althought I would need to first convince my wife ! ;-) (I might simply just want somewhere else to live)

A lot of times, I got bored playing some multiplayer games. Last one I was playing was Elder Scrolls Online. At first it was fun, then fun factor started to disapear and I got bored and started to feel a bit limited in what I wanted to do. This is the usual scenario happening every times. The Cool and New factor slowly go away and what remains is not inviting enough for me to stay.

Currently playing again X Rebirth because before I had quit due to too many problems with the game preventing me from doing what I want. They dished out a patch and I am trying it again. I thought I could give it a try again. I used to play X3AP.

I used to love playing Ryzom for the community feeling and interactions.
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