[RANGER / Kitins] White is not a good color

A flurry of reports arrived on the desk of Orphie Dradius. Swarms of kitins had appeared in the Forest and also in the Witherings. Not only were they numerous and behaving strangely, but they were white — Kitins of the Depths. Hominity had driven them off the surface of Atys after years of fighting, after the return from the Refuge after the Second Swarming. Things had been too quiet. It was good that there were now more Rangers.

Orphie took out a pen and wrote a quick and imperative message:
To All Rangers and Ranger Aspirants:
We have received reports of Kitins of the Depths in the Forest and in Witherings. Regard it as the highest priority to scout their location and strength and to remove all that you can. Do not neglect Aedan Aqueous and the Desert in your scouting. It goes without saying that this is a serious matter.

As always, cooperate and communicate and offer assistance to local authorities.

— signed
Orphie Dradius, Guide Ranger
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