[GFX] Any plans on increasing graphic or just texture improving ?

I am also back after about 3 years now I guess? Life happens sometimes, but soooo glad to be back.
I have to comment on this particular thread because I think it's important. One of the major reasons that Ryzom keeps going, regardless of 'HD' graphics... is the nature of its community and the crazy awesome landscape it gives to RP groups.
This is one of the last vestiges of true open world gameplay left anymore.
One of my best friends MUST have PvP or he won't play. Most of my friends can't stand PvP - well, in Atys you can PvP anytime, anywhere to your hearts content, however - and most importantly - those of us who don't want to, never have to worry about being coerced into it or miss out on certain key things, etc.
Ryzom is a truly well thought out and well balanced game, mainly because you can make your character as balanced or completely out of whack as you want!
On an end note - back to the graphics... It is so sad to me that gaming companies have glossed over detail with shiny newness.
One of my favorite things to this day in Ryzom is to just stop. Look around, listen, and soak it all in. If I'm stressing - I'll stream it to the TV over SteamLink and just wander and watch. It's like having a beautiful magic portal on the wall. LOL
Anyway, I understand the desire for a 'new engine', I've often thought Unity would be an ideal candidate for it, but I would be so worried that all the intricate particle "voodoo light" sprites and other truly 'sense of life' aspects might not transfer.
I dunno... I play a lot of current games with my wife, but keep coming back here for the scenery, the ambient sound, and the people.
Can't wait to build up little Ziftina all over again. :)
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